Graphics Designing

Graphics Designing

It is a truth universally accepted that your business is very much dependent on what you show. Thus, hiring us will never make your’s and companies’ efforts in vain! Our experts approach out of the box for out shinning the key features to put your website at the top. We never hesitate to combine UX for intuitive navigation & responsiveness and UI to corporate styles for brainstorming brand recognition.

To ensure impeccable graphic designing service we focus on both technical parts as well as marketing aspects with utmost dedication. We are always in a habit to collaborate with our clients and proceed with the following services:

  • testing of different user interfaces
  • analysis of user surveys
  • development of wireframes and high-end prototypes
  • designing the user flows
  • proposal and development of design patterns
  • creation of content inventory
  • Various vector illustration apps: Illustrator, Coreldraw, and Inkscape
  • Raster graphic editor: photoshop, paint, gimp
  • Tools for diagramming

Testing of Different User Interfaces

Run Digitaly is particularly focused on GUI testing for visual elements of an application to validate whether they appropriately fulfill the expected functionality and performance. We use multiple user interfaces to validate that UI functions are free from damages and defects. Our QA professionals are dedicated to testing all interface components whether they are user-friendly and multiple applications have desired functionalities.

Analysis of User Surveys 

We analyze various customer results and other surveys through various sources. We follow survey analysis of users through observing your top survey questions, determining sample size, trending, benchmarking, comparative data, crunching data and accurate conclusions, etc. Run Digitally organize and analyze your data for achieving various goals.

Development of Wire-Frames and High-end Prototypes

Run Digitaly uses website wireframes that are low-fidelity, structural guidelines and basic layout for your web product’s layout and prototypes as an advanced wireframe with more visual information and engagement. We also use layout content and functionality on a page that takes into account user requirements and user journeys. Run Digitaly develop wireframes to establish the basic structure of a page before a visual design and added content.

Designing the User Flows

Our talented designers’ design user flows to understand and anticipate the cognitive patterns of users to prepare products enabling this state of flow. UX flows, Flowcharts, User flows are sometimes called diagrams displaying the full-fledged path a user follows while using a product. Run Digitaly begin with the objectives for your users and match your text to the traffic source. We apply user flow for a prototypical user on a website or app to finish up a task.

Proposal and Development of Design Patterns

Run Digitaly establishes solutions to various problems assisting to keep code maintainable, coupled and extensible. Our graphic designers are capable to evaluate the sensitivity of clients accepting proposals and designing the proposal with visual graphics and colours to make it live. We insist our designing team to focus primarily on the development of various designing patterns required for various tasks to meet the requirements of our customers.

Creation of Content Inventory

We use the creation of content inventory aggregating all the content on your site. All size files and marketing assets appearing on your web pages whether indexed or not are listed and categorized in a methodical pattern at a single document usually in excel or google sheets. Run Digitaly content team use relevant information for your websites to create content inventory. We use metrics from inventory tools to conduct regular content inventories.

Various Vector Illustration Apps – Illustrator, Inkscape and Coreldraw

Run Digitaly use one of the excellent vector editors essential for any designer. We use Illustrator, Coreldraw, Inkscape and other tools to prepare logos and other tasks at multiple sizes working with bitmaps. We avoid using Bezier curves, fills, ingredients, and vector editors which can be more frustrating for getting grips with the excellent digital software. Our designing team use user-friendly vectors to guide your initial humps in designing your websites.

Raster Graphic Editor – Photoshop, Paint, Gimp

Run Digitaly utilize multiple designing tools like Photoshop, Paint and Gimp to edit your images appropriately and efficiently. GIMP provides a decent toolset like Photoshop as a no-cost image editor. The interface separates from Photoshop with a version of available GIMP highlighting the look and feel of Adobe making it simpler to migrate if ditching Photoshop. However, the Paint tool is used to create visual images with colours for website designing.

Tools for Diagramming

We use diagrams and flowcharts with comprehensible patterns to create a suitable and short workflow understandable even by fresh developers for designing websites. Run Digitaly convert long workflows into easy-to-follow instructions allowing you to obtain ideas across quickly and visually. We use Lucidchart for collaboration and Microsoft Visio tool for compatibility for office power users. Our team also implemented Textografo for quickly turning outlines into flowcharts.