Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & PPC

It goes without saying that paid and organic search strategies drive meaningful business advantages and sustainable digital growth. Therefore, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & PPC turns out to be your safest bet for businesses to seek adaptable and effective ad campaign to keep things in order and get the best possible ROI. That’s where we give our best!

We strive for consistent attention throughout our partnership to ensure your visibility on the array of platforms including Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

  • Google Adwords & remarketing advertisement
  • Google shopping advertisement
  • Facebook advertising
  • Linkedin advertising
  • App advertisement
  • Youtube advertisement

Google AdWords and Remarketing Advertisement

Run Digitaly establish remarketing to customize your display ads campaign for people who visited your site and tailor your ads to these visitors for browsing the web and using apps. Once a user visits, remarketing code on your website attached them to a remarketing list.

Google Shopping Advertisement

Our marketing team runs Google shopping ads at the top of search results once you use search terms indicating you’re shopping for a specialized product. The advertisements include information about the product like size, price, colour, a picture of the product and the seller.

Facebook Advertising

We run Facebook Ads of your products or services to market them online among millions of users. Facebook advertising prices depend upon your industry, campaign objective and several other factors. Facebook Ads can cost you $0.25 to $2.00 per click on your running ads. The average cost per click for Facebook Ads for all industries can be $1.72.

LinkedIn Advertising

We create, measure and analyze LinkedIn ads in one place. Campaign Manager manages all your marketing efforts for running your products or services ads on LinkedIn. Through LinkedIn Ads, we make you to approach your ideal customers at the world’s largest professional network.

App Advertisement

With the help of Mobile App advertisement, we ensure you to earn money in your apps by running ads within the app. Usually, mobile ads are run through a mobile ad network connecting developers and advertisers to one platform. However, ad clients will pay you for running their ads within your apps. We insist our customers to run paid ads with us on our apps.

YouTube Advertisement

Online video ads allow you to approach potential customers watching videos on YouTube regularly. We develop your business through YouTube Ads at affordable rates. For average YouTube, Ads costs $0.25 to $0.50 per click with n average daily budget of $12. Per click means when someone watches your ads and engages with your ads by clicking on them. YouTube is one of the excellent cost-effective options for an advertising campaign.